Mechanical Keyboards

Nowadays only two types of keyboards are manufactured, membrane and mechanical ones. Membrane ones are substantially cheaper, but pro gamers will never purchase them as these device basically won’t let you win any serious battle.

What Is a Mechanical Keyboard and How Does it Work?

The key feature of a mechanical keyboard is an own switch under each key. Once you press such key, a contact closure and tactile communication occur which is crucial for professional gaming.
Mechanical keyboard eliminates false hits and lack of penetration when hitting, which means that a gamer can always feel whether a button has been pressed. This is extremely important when every second is at stake.

Types of Switches: Why Aren’t All Mechanical Keyboards Equally Useful?

It would be foolish to believe that once you invest in an expensive keyboard, you will instantly become a pro and will win every battle against underage Dota nerds. If you don’t pick a proper device, your results can even worsen.
The thing is that far from every mechanical keyboard is designed for gaming. Some of the input devices are designed for fast typing, for instant. Here are the three most popular switches:
Cherry MX Blue
It provides soft tactile communication.  There is a clear response at the time of hitting the key.  The click is strong.  This is the best keyboard for fast typing.
Cherry MX Black
The hit is smooth and soft, the keyboard provides soft tactile communication. A 40-50 gram force will be enough to press a button. This is a perfect switch for a professional gaming keyboard.
Cherry MX Brown
This is the middle way between the two above mentioned switches. It provides soft feedback, there is no sound when a key is hit, but you need a bit more effort for the said hit. This will be a perfect versatile home input device.

Why Invest in a Mechanical Keyboard?

If you want to have your enemies pwned cruelly and mercilessly, make sure you have at least $100 for obtaining this gaming device. Once you buy it, you’ll get:
High speed of key operation
Experience shows that the speed of a keystroke of a mechanical keyboard is 2-3 times higher than of a membrane one. That means that your rival will only be in the process of striking a key while you’ll be shooting them straight in the face.
A lifetime keyboard
Each key of such device can withstand 50 million hits, which can be converted into at least 5-6 years of 10-12 hours daily use. If you play less than that, even your grandchildren will be able to use the device.

What You Should Pay Attention to When Buying Such Device So As to Spend $100 Wisely?

Have you decided that you want to buy a mechanical keyboard and you have enough funds for that? Then pay closest attention to the following. First, the key switch should either be Cherry MX Black or Cherry MX Brown. These triggers are perfectly suitable for gaming and are very durable.

Second, pick a device with a classic design. You needn’t any curved shapes or abundance of pointless buttons. If a keyboard reminds you of a Star Wars spaceship control board, you’d better not purchase it.
Third, additional options will come in handy. Should a keyboard have a comfortable wrist rest, USB ports, a headphone jack and a backlighting, these all will prove extremely useful.

Type of connection
Types of switches
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