Mice for PS4 & XBOX ONE

A Console Mouse is Your Gaming Advantage

Yes, a gamepad is a standard controller for consoles. It is convenient, all the buttons are right there and the games are compatible with such control. But sometimes you have the urge to use a regular mouse, regardless of whether you’re playing FPS or RTS. It’s a habit for some, but more often it is a lapse of the game creators. It turns out that if you use automatic aiming, the game becomes kindergarten-easy, but if you don’t it is super hard. We all know how difficult it is to fire a headshot on a gamepad.
That’s when console mice come handy. Why are they distinguished? Not any mouse can be plugged and connected to PS4 or xBox. This catalogue contains the devices which are guaranteed to connect to a console and will be convenient and nice to play with.

Mouse Interface
Sensor Technology