Flight controls

The sky beckons everyone, even those who think they are special and say that they are not interested. Even if someone has a fear of flying, still, one way or another, that persons wants to reach the sky.

Of course, here pilots, the conquerors of airspace, are the coolest. Next come, obviously, the stewardesses. Where would we be without them? As for the permanent residents of land, we – the gamers – have the best opportunity to examine the vast Universe.

Today’s level of air and space simulators is very high. On investing a considerable sum of money you can simulate a real pilot’s cabin. Multi-screen system, complete gaming set, the chair, sounds… and there you are, a real pilot! Heartwarming, isn’t it? Or maybe you wanted to become a pilot but your parents forced you to go to law school or you weren’t admitted for health reasons?

Today’s students of Flight Academies train on devices that are similar to those which you can buy at the store! Now that’s the real level of skill of gaming engineers! Today we’ll examine the options connected with what to choose and how to choose for assembling the proper equipment for a high-quality or cheap simulator.


This can be discussed for hours. We’ll see into choosing the right joystick for any amateur flight simulator – a base of your setup, and we’ll go over some other elements of a proper fly-simulator.

Buttons. Their amount may vary. It all started with the double-buttoned creature made by IBM. Today the number of buttons may go up to 10. If somehow this is too few for you, you can program an additional function for each button and switch to it with the Shift key. But don’t assign everything to joystick. This gadget is a hot key and there should only be those functions which require your immediate intervention.

Axes. Axes are directions to which you may turn the joystick and not break it. The number can vary from 2 (some junk stuff) to 10 (elite technology). Now, you can’t even call this drawing near to reality. You’ll have to look out of the window and check whether you have started accidentally controlling the fighter jet parked at your front yard. The minimum number of axes for start is 4. They help set the main techniques of piloting. You can do with 3 axes provided you use pedals.

Controlling the direction stick. It’s complicated. In order to understand what it is, you should either try it or someone should explain it to you roughly but clearly. It means being thrown aside, experiencing tilts and turns – choose whatever you like. Ideally this function should be assigned to the pedals, but if you don’t have them, you can program it and additionally use a joystick

Force feedback. It’s a very cool concept. The idea is that you make practically a real effort. It’s physically hard to take off, and during the landing you begin to feel the pressure. However, there’s always a “but”. At the moment this idea hasn’t been implemented properly. Or actually it has, but in a premium price segment. Basically you come to a gamer gadget atelier, make an order, and they manufacture it for you individually. You may also come across this in retail full-scale simulators, where the chair, the pedals, the joystick, the sensors and the pull handle are a single system.

Recoil. This is a simple yet heartwarming element. It’s got the same vibration motor as standard game pads. You get a good shake-up when, say, you’re being shot down, or you may set an alarm clock if you’re piloting a Sydney – New York City flight in real time.

Interface. There’s no point in narrating the modern history of gadgets, and I don’t want to do this. Which connection interface should you choose? It is USB. This answer is definite and not subject to appeal. You’ll do with a 2.0 standard, but go with 3.0 if you find it, it will come handy.

Those are the key things to which you should pay attention when choosing a flight simulator joystick. This is outlined so that you understand for yourself what you should do and how you should make your choice. When the time of the purchase comes, skim through some fresh reviews, read the manufacturer’s information.

First, it’s better to see something live and to have the opinion of those who have used the joystick, and second, the manufacturers often launch beta-versions with some serious bugs, and then they revoke the goods. Make sure you don’t end up with the defective product. Let’s go over the market and examine a couple of representatives of each price segment.

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