Das Keyboard Division Zero M50 Pro

  • Brand: Das Keyboard
  • Sensor Technology: laser
  • Mouse Interface: usb
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Das Keyboard Division Zero M50 Pro
Das Keyboard Division Zero M50 Pro
Das Keyboard Division Zero M50 Pro

To ensure performance is at its best, the M50 makes it easy to store 6 game profiles and take them with you on the go. 128 KB of internal memory allows game profiles containing macros and individual settings to be saved on the M50. No driver necessary.

Assign different commands for each of the 9 programmable macros buttons. For all your commonly used commands or for specific setup when playing your favorite game, the M50 performs single game commands or intricate macros with a simple button click.

The M50 Gaming Mouse is outfitted with the most advanced sensor yet, the 6400dpi 4G laser sensor. It tracks so precisely, gamers will hit their target where they need to. The 4G optical laser sensor has adjustable dpi settings 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400 dpi.

The M50 is equipped with a 4D tilt scroll wheel for easier maneuvering. The innovative tilt wheel allows for a whole new dimension in movement enabling you to quickly perform actions by pressing the scroll wheel in the direction you want.

Game at super speed, the M50 primary buttons support 300 clicks per minute.

The M50 features a 20-million click life cycle for the left & right primary buttons.

The M50 performance gaming mouse is ambidextrous making it a perfect fit for all grip types. The comfortable shape, non-slip coating, dry-grip sides and maximum glide metal Teflon feet allow for optimum gaming performance.

The M50 features advanced materials, hydrophobic coating of palm area, dry-grip sides and fingerprint resistant coating of primary buttons to prevent sticking and allow for maximum grip capability.

Das Keyboard did not limit itself to launching a gaming keyboard only in 2016, and Division Zero M50 Pro  is a proof of that. The design is similar to the early launched X40. Thanks to its affordable price, according to the gaming standards, this keyboard can become an excellent add=on to X40. Of course, it shouldn’t be considered a state-of-the-art and revolutionary product in the industry. Although Das Keyboard has a broad customer base, still its devices are well behind the flagman models on the market. Who knows, though, maybe the ~$79 M50 Pro will become yet another step towards conquering the market? Time will show.

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