The Razer DeathAdder Chroma review: is it worth it?

Are Razer products really worth their hefty price tags? Razer ware is like the Apple of personal computing paraphernalia. Every Razer product is overpriced, including its mouse pads that cost somewhere between $20 - $30.

For the price of $69.99, you can either get yourself a nice, sturdy bicycle or a Razer DeathAdder Chroma. Let’s find out if the specs are worth the price or if it’s really just cosmetic beauty that makes this product popular.

First, let's talk about the obvious. When you first plug in the DeathAdder Chroma, the first thing you'll notice is the different kinds of color displays. They have nothing to do with how the mouse performs, and simply exist as a cosmetic feature for the mouse.

Here are the mouse’s official specs according to the manufacturer’s site:

  •  Ergonomic right-handed design with textured rubber side grips

  •  200 inches per second/50g acceleration

  •  10,000 dpi optical sensor

  •  1000Hz Ultrapolling

  •  Seven-foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable

  •  Approximate size: 127mm/5” x 70mm/2.76" x 44mm/ 1.73”, LxWxH

  •  Approximate weight: 105g/0.23lbs

Now for the technical specs: this mouse is actually pretty quick, making it a good choice for those playing FPS or MOBA games professionally. If you’re only playing simple games like match-3 puzzles, Angry Birds, or casino games, you won’t need this mouse. It is built for quick clicking and hovering, not for throwing birds at debris or clicking the spin button of a slot machine. Though if you do use this mouse for casual games, it’ll probably last you a lifetime. Still, it doesn’t make any sense to buy a $69.99 mouse, not in this era of smartphones and tablets. As asserted by Gaming Realms, the company that runs several entertainment outfits under its belt including Spin Genie, mobile is the most progressive and popular platform of this time, making this mouse redundant for playing casual games that mostly get released for the mobile audience.

If you do play FPS and/or MOBA games though, you’ll find Razer Synapse -- the mouse’s software – handy. With it, you can further enhance your gaming experience by using Razer Synapse Stats and Heatmaps, which allow players to review where they’ve clicked the most in-game (especially good for reviewing game play history of MOBA titles). Apart from allowing players to review their mouse clicks, the Synapse allows players to program the scroll wheel button to do something else aside from scrolling up and down pages. The scroll wheel can be assigned any button found on a computer keyboard.

Where the DeathAdder shines performance-wise is on its rubber side grips. Long hours of playing can leave the hands sweaty and make players lose control of their equipment. With the DeathAdder, players won’t ever need to worry about that as it locks the hand in position thanks to the rubber grips.

The DeathAdder’s features and built make it one of the best entry-level gaming mice out there. Its price tag of $69.99 is a bit high compared to other products that offer better features, but Razer’s durability is known to last a long time. If you’re looking for a sturdy piece of equipment that’s great for hardcore gaming, you might want to consider the DeathAdder.